Our services

Our services are available throughout the traveler’s journey. Whether at the airport, train station, bus station or port, we are attentive, receptive and ensure common objectives are met as the passenger experience is our core focus!

Passenger Experience Services

Our goal is to make sure that the passengers’ needs are always fulfilled, their minds are at ease and that they are kept well-informed during their travel itinerary, therefore removing any unknown stresses or uncertainties.

  • Greeting upon arrival
  • Orient and familiarize passengers with the surroundings
  • Assist with digitized self-check-in
  • Passenger accompaniment from one point to another
  • Special assistance for those with mobility impairments

Baggage Services

OPS representatives will readily be available to assist travelers in their check-in procedures, support them with the overall logistics of their luggage and ensure that it arrives concurrently at their destination.

  • Baggage logistics at the handling system, baggage room and chutes
  • Baggage interconnection management through customs
  • Standard to non-standard dimensions and cargo sizes
  • Passenger accompaniment from one point to another
  • All other related baggage services

Signaling and Security Services

The travel experience can be daunting for some. Passengers find solace in knowing that there is a representative available to respond and offer them assistance and safety. OPS provides security services in all circumstances with professionalism, protecting facilities, people and their assets. OPS secures the tarmac and/or station with their transportation signaling expertise therefore assuring carrier operational effectiveness.

  • Passenger inspection and screening
  • Baggage inspection and screening
  • Terminal and parking security
  • Video surveillance monitoring
  • Guidance at every checkpoint
  • Ground signaling services

Cabin Care Services

OPS uses eco-responsible cleaning products to meet high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Carriers and their passengers can rely on our efficiency, reactivity and attention to detail.

  • Overall cabin housekeeping
  • Regular scheduled cleaning
  • Disinfection of high contact surfaces (seats, seat belts, seat pockets, windows, shades, floors, carpeting, handles and more)